From the Leader of The Free Glass World…

We’ve had a lovely newsy update on Gate 8 from the Debster,  plus all sorts of other eyeball candy.

First up, the blocked-up rotten windows on the west side have been replaced – flooding the front space with lotsa natural light (they’ll need blinds now, she reckons!!)




And even more exciting is the installation of the Neil Roberts neon Tribute to whom tribute, which they were gifted recently. What a score!! One of the letters had been broken and when she moseyed down the road to see if a local neon place could repair it, she found Pat – the very bloke who’d actually made a lot of Neil’s neon pieces. What are the odds? Too good. The work now graces the Gate 8 coldshop…



Fair dinkum, it just doesn’t get better than that.

Though their latest acquisition is definitely in the paddock; Reni Pichert’s double miracle, red wine stain on carpet…



[Jaysus, that’s fantastic. n(Ed)] Very tasty.

And last but not least, the latest domestic design by Deb Jones and Andrew Bartlett; bedhead biz…



…comes with optional side-tables. Loving it.

Thanks Debster, feels like we’ve been for a visit – only thing missing was an hour or two in the garden with a bevie.

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