A flash of summer…

The Gang’s back from a working weekend in sunny Queensland  – Megsie was giving a floortalk last week at the Toowoomba Regional Gallery for Tour de Force: in case of emergency break glass while coincidently swinging a side serve of conferencing and an Up Late session of Prado at QAG (both courtesy of Museums and Gallery Services Qld.) Noice.

How fantastic it is to see Brisvegas/Queensland recovered and pumping again. Incredible really (and severe shame on the Newman Liberal government if they think they can take any credit for it.)



Those Up Late evening sessions at QAG are something else, eh – fabulous…



…way groovy (and what an inspired marketing/audience development exercise.)

And of course Toowoomba was a treat, with all sorts of added bonuses – not the least of which being Toowoomba Regional Gallery’s Norman Lindsay Collection…



Meanwhile, conference and exhibition aside it was a fairly laid back little interlude; you know, big nights out with Ned…



[How pleased we are to see that Megsie remains ever faithful. n(Ed)]

Curious sights here.

For all our Canberra readers, we’re not sure what this was about…perhaps it’s the bricks…?



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