Buon compleanno, Sammy Jo…

All things being equal Megsie would be sitting on the beach at Koh Samui with Sammy Jo today, celebrating her birthday.  But ya can’t always get what ya want (says Mick) and work commitments/schedules don’t always fall conveniently into place. Such is life (said Ned) and we must grin and bear it.

Our last sighting of her (above) was in April, when we’d just returned to Rangoon from Ngapoli Beach and were all about to richochet off to our separate corners of the known universe. So, partly because we’d not yet posted it, and partly because it’s as sentimentally and physically (in a mind and matter kinda way) as close as we could get to Koh Samui this week, we’re belatedly indulging ourselves in the final leg of our last fling; The Gang goes beach/water festival…

Anyhoo, she and Iain are sure to be having a much more romantic birthday break without the mother tagging along, eh.

Rest of the snaps here.

We’ll leave the last word to the Poo…

Yep, another shitty day in paradise.

Here’s hoping you have many, many more of them Sammy Jo. We loves ya.


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