Tour de Force heads south…

Yep, it’s the latest chapter of…



…this time at…



…the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, where they show…



Anyhoo, it was great to be amongst our old mates again (it’s almost like groundhog day.) And this time, as a serious surprise, dear madly indomitable Richie turned up – fresh from cocktail hour at the Alfred – with a clutch of his devoted coterie for Megsie’s floor talk…



(The Gang’s been following the progress of his soap operatic treatment regime avidly, so seeing him in the flesh was just wild.)

Rodney and the crew at MPRG have done a great job with the install, and yet again it was fabulous to see the work accorded plenty of respectful space. [Yeah, you know what we’re talkin’ about, mutter, mutter, hrumph. n(Ed)]



Granny came along for the ride and had a lovely time mixing a bit of kultcha with a tour of her old haunts.



…and on the way back we swung by the McClelland. All too, too good…



…bar the very typical Melbourne weather.

We had a lovely quiet weekend to round it off. Highlights here.

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