August catch-up…

Goodness, we’re nearly at the half-way mark through August and we’ve not yet spread any of the love….better late than never, so here’s a bit of a job lot…

First up, Jas biz…


Mark Gerada

now showing

jas hugonnet gallery


Mark Gerada is a multi-disciplinary practitioner who lives and works in the mountains west of Sydney. He is a painter, illustrator and teacher with a background in architecture, ceramics and design. He has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Brussels, China and Malta.

In this selection of works Gerada demonstrates his ability to combine abstraction and mixed media. Through the application and layering of media he creates space within the picture plane.

His dynamic brushwork evokes the act of painting where the subtle use texture creates depth.

To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please call 0417 235 916 or contact the gallery via the website.

Image: Mark Gerada  Glamaig 2,  Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 60cm

And then there was Nigel’s starring role at Heidi


[We love that work Nige – super, super cool. We can feel a re-emergence coming on.


And then there was the fabbo snap sent around work by one of the Rangers…



…which shot us straight down memory lane to Rose Montebello’s wonderful Knot…



And then there were last week’s highlights – like another circulated work pic of winter on the Brown…



And news of Alex’s upcoming show, opening this coming Thursday night (16th August) at Beaver…


Be still our beating heart  – we love Alex’s work. If Megsie manages to shrug off her current state (flu-blown) and make it across the Monaro for the Ranamok on Wednesday, the Gang may well manage to swing into the Beaver as well. Joy. (Just a reminder to our American friends that Beaver is the name of a gallery in Canberra…)

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