Tour de Bunbury…

Honey darlings, the Gang’s not long back from a red-eye to WA (last Friday) for the Tour goes West segment of our favourite travelling glass-o-rama show. Fast and furious it most certainly was, yet fabulous nonetheless.  Megsie was giving a floortalk at the Bunbury Regional Gallery, and what a gorgeous old place….and so pink!!



Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s an old convent. An amazing place (Grace) and of course the main gallery is the old Chapel…



Not many snaps because, as you know, once Megsie gets talking there’s absolutely no stopping her. But we did manage a few of the balconies, etc…



…and we wondered if the Bunbury Theatre Ensemble had ever thought to stage Romeo & Juliet there (we’d travel just to see it – Shakespeare in the Convent, too marvellous for words.)

The only thing we weren’t too keen on was Sister Mary…



…you wouldn’t find us working back late, no way. Last one out would have to be absolutely scared shitless.

Many thanks to Julie and Donna and the lovely peeps at Bunbury who made the trip so comfortable. Even the weather was good. And the digs were sooo cute…



…we felt like we were drifting around the set of a BBC tele-drama.



What a perfectly sweet little interlude.


2 thoughts on “Tour de Bunbury…

  1. Must be a bugger of a job traveling to these places.
    I saw you on the programe at Mornington. MPRG. Nice gallery, And some glass culture comes to Victoria, just when I think any other medium might be better to work in.

    • Ah, don’t give up the faith, Pete. Not yet, anyways, and not entirely. Diversification’s the name of the game – a lateral reinvention. Just for love of it for the time being, though, while the ‘sector’ goes through a spate of rationalisation. Even the arse-lickers are doing it tough at the moment. n(Ed)

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