Wagga interlude…

17 05 2012

The Gang made like the Man from Snowy River this week and high tailed it over the top to Wagga Wagga – omigod, what a drop dead gorgeous drive – there to seriously eyeball all things storage and wallow in the collection..




















After a serious mooch, we checked out the National Student Show…



…which pretty much just reaffirmed our earlier preferences…



with the odd addition…



For the rest of the time we just got reacquainted with old faves, like Tom…



…and Hirstie…



…and this ballsy little number…



…heh, heh.


[…and for those of you who have suggested that we’ve devolved yet again into the bog of smutty vulgarity, we wish to point out that we are, in fact, on precisely the right track…go here…or for those who prefer to just cut to the chase…The sensual shapes of his vessels are also intended as vehicles into the unconscious experience of primordial creation. The rounded bellies of the orb shapes and the sagging buttocks of the double lobes, replete with vaginal slit, all speak to a primal act of creation that is sexual and life-giving (quote from the above article.) Balls was tame. Thanks to La Groppa for coming to our defence!! n(Ed)]

Megsie’s writing one of the essays for the upcoming Collection catalogue, so there’s plenty more glass-o-rama ahead.

More goodies here.



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