Culture mulcher…

This last weekend involved some serious social cha-cha on Saturday, starting with the lovely Di della V’s big 5-Oh!…



…which also provided the visual treat of the day…



After which we made a beeline to Ivy Hill, for our main man Stan…



He’s really somethin’, we reckon.



Too good. More info on the show (dates/catalogue, etc) here

And, finally, we wound up with the kiddies at the Willy Wagtail in Wyndham…




[Duck still good!! n(Ed)]

4 thoughts on “Culture mulcher…

  1. Totally arms length darl, but we do think he’s the ticket. We’ll certainly gee him up re the proppaNOW opening. Can’t wait – that’s going to be such a blast. Am polishing the cocktail shaker as we speak. n(Ed)

  2. Know what you mean about the arms length M. Story of my life. There are some nice pics on the CCAS Social Pages of the National Indigenous Art Triennial opening last night. Richard is very good value indeed. dbX

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