7 05 2012

Well darls, the Gang had a lovely time in Bagan, at perfect pony-and-cart pace. Sammy Jo was packing up the boat…

…but in between we did manage lunches and dinners and Megsie explored with Myaing Moe, who picked her up from the Tharabar Gate every morning and arvo..


Our fave lunch spot was the Tharabar 3 – fanging out with the locals at this famous tea shop (where we had the ultimate fried chicken; rumour in Bagan is that Col. Sanders was actually shot down in Northern Burma, in Kachin country, during WWII and that’s where he ‘found’ his famous you know what. Gotta tell you, that spice mix at Tharabar is mighty close – only better, even)…


Best dinner spot was Harmony, a bar-b-que joint…


..where Megsie tucked enthusiastically into the sparrows, but gave the chicken butts a wide berth…

The Poo just kicked back by the pool for the most part…

…while Megsie checked out the sights (we’ve not included amazing snaps of stupas ‘as far as the eye can see’, we did that last year)..


…and the art…

…and then Iain arrived and we did it all over again…

Ain’t life grand!!

But the real highlight was the first year blessing of Iain and Sammy Jo’s wedding by the Head Monk…

More snaps here.

Next stop Mrauk U.



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