Off to Burma…

Well darlings, it’s true, tomorrow morning we’re off to our favourite place (bar home) yet again – and still without posting our fave highlights from last year. Ah, doesn’t matter, too much to do, too much to see. Who cares except us, anyhow.

So we’re just going to drop in a little Mandalay chandelier and glass-mosaic-o-rama to whet the collective whistle. Oh God, but how beautiful it is…



We can’t get enough of it obviously. And yes, we’re off for more of the same, and MORE.

The Gang’s arriving in Rangoon on Thursday morning, the day of the official election result  announcements – so the place will well and truly be going off.

We’ll be back in 2 weeks….maybe. If we can tear ourselves away.

The Poo, naturally, is coming too.

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