Matt’s opening…

It was the second weekend in a row for nail-biting apropos whether or not to cancel an exhibition opening; this time the Matthew Jones show at the BVRG. Had it continued to rain on the Friday we really would have pulled the plug, if only as a duty of care to all the cognoscenti who’d feel obliged to travel through the dangerous conditions. But we had a fair day of it – and decided that we wouldn’t be morally culpable for any mishaps after all.

Guest speaker for the evening, Andrew Sayers, went the long-haul around the Darragh (the Brown having collapsed) with nary a murmur and we’re convinced that he’s entirely responsible for bringing the glorious weather for the (Canberra) long weekend that followed.



There was a gratifyingly dedicated show of support in the end, many people making the supreme effort to drive the long way around Merimbula or Cobargo in order to make it. And they were well rewarded for their effort. Matt, the 3rd recipient of the Far South Coast Living Artist Project Scholarship, did the program (and his Dad) proud.



It’s a fabulous exhibition; strong and fresh, with just enough soft-pop to contemporize the ‘storybook’ mien. The portraits are merely numbered (ie not titled per se), apart from the one self-portrait as a pleasant young man…



and that seriously cute, folkloric series of animals…


No prizes for guessing Megsie’s favourite, though…

Gallery visitors are loving it big time. One definitely not to be missed.

More goodies here.

Even more goodies here

But wait, there’s more  (this from Matt’s friend Sam, who’s one of his subjects)

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