From Adders…

8 02 2012

We’ve just heard from The Leader of the Free Glass World, which always brightens our day immeasurably.

We love the Debster big time – and not just because she’s the shizz in the glass stakes…





…but wait there’s more, on at the moment but not for much longer, at the Jam. Go here. How cool are the pools.

You know, just when a bod is starting to feel a tad disgruntled, suddenly all is right in the world again.






4 responses

8 02 2012

did you go to ads? i went down to see the show…. such a beauty! we love that jones!

9 02 2012

No darl
missed it – am chained to the desk at the moment. Hope I get to see it in the flesh sometime though, I wanna check it out properly. Classic Deb Jones. Lovely materiality – and not a whiff of frigging memory and sodding place. n(Ed)

10 02 2012
Jas Hugonnet

Have to say plane, section, elevation, perspective, solidity, I love it too

11 04 2012


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