This dear old feller has almost moved in – just incredible. His upper beak is virtually worn down completely and he’s so in his dotage he’s almost like a cartoon character. He always has a couple of young minders, too cute.



2 thoughts on “Gramps…

  1. No really, Nige, it’s completely evenly worn down, like a grinding stone. You can’t see it properly in the snap – will try to get close enough to get a better view. I suppose the fungus softens it enough to allow that to happen. We will give him some quality porridge – he’s at that stage poor old bugger. Totally ancient.
    I do, naturally, accede to your expertise in the field. Actually was only thinking of you yesterday when two very unfamiliar birds flew past after making an uncommon din – ‘times like this we need Nige’, I said to meself.

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