And then there was Townsville…


A week before Christmas the Gang made a flying visit to the tropical delights of Townsville for the latest episode in the Tour of Tour(de Force.) Megsie was guest speaker at the opening and gave a floor talk the following day to a gratifyingly enthusiastic audience – those Townsvillians totally loved the show and so ‘got’ it.

Who would have thunk it, but Queenslanders are seriously high on the culturazi evolutionary tree these days – in our father’s day that would have been as unimaginable as putting a man on the moon. (And yes, he was a Queenslander, so we are allowed to say such things, being half Queenslanders ourselves.)

The hang was fabulous – the exhibition was given the room and respect it deserved and both Trish and Tom’s DVD’s were projected on the wall (such a polar opposite of CraftACT relegating the latter to a laptop!!) What a joy.


Tour de Force: in case of emergency break glass was in the upstairs gallery  and they had a fabulous touring show from South Australia, Desert Country, on the ground floor. Marvellous.

We had a great time; lightening short but soulfully sweet. Luckily Megsie didn’t go on too much about Alfie and Wally and Darren – we were deep in Jonathon Thurston territory (but he’s one of the Gang’s fave players anyway, so no real drama.) It’s a State of Origin thing. Makes ya proud.



For highlights go here….

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