Bega Art Prize 2011…

As we’re now on countdown to the year’s end we realised it was nigh time to upload the final highlights of 2011. Actually the wind-up became so full pelt that at the end of each day we’d been too exhausted to face a nanosecond more on the computer – so we didn’t.

Time to make amends. The opening of the Bega Art Prize  2011 was huge, so much so that we were too busy yakking to remember to take the photographs – so the mugshots, consequently, are very light on; apologies to all.

It was a mega night for the local arts mob; celebrating 50 years since the prize’s inception, major sponsor Bega Cheese had upped the winning purse to $15,000 while Ivy Hill and Narek Galleries clubbed together $2000 for the runner up.  Certainly not to be sneezed at – and, indeed, 118 hopefuls stepped up to the plate.

41 made it through to the final hang which was, when all’s said and done, an astonishingly faithful representation of practice across the region. Wendy Teakel, Head of the Sculpture Workshop at the ANU School of Art, did the honours as judge and guest speaker at the gala launch and what an unenviable task it was. So many serious contenders, so many tears before bedtime.

Some of our personal faves were…

…and so much more.

For our snapshot of the show go here. For the complete lowdown on the final field go here.

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