The (other) Grad Show…

20 12 2011

And now it’s time to have a quick run through the ANU School of Art Grad Show 2011. We sped up to the ‘Berra for Patron’s Day, a couple of weeks ago now; Megsie to choose the BVRG’s EASS recipient – a hard task as it transpired, this year being fair plump with worthies.

All in all the Gang had a lovely time  – it really is a highlight of the year – and not only because we get to spend a couple of hours with Babsie…

There was all manner of weirdness, which is precisely as it should be: from peculiar pink bits…

…to raunchy grannies…

…but seriously, there was plenty to get excited about – though no guessing why we fancied these…













Painting was luscious…

…and there was so much more besides (across the breadth of workshops). Glass was a tad ‘plain steak’, but we rather liked the oversized marrow bones…

For the EASS, Megsie opted for the fabulous work of textile graduate Haeli Van Veen: brilliant. (No snaps now, we’ll post something soon.)

Meanwhile for a lope around the highlights go here.



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