Tour de Force: Noosa…

Last week the Gang airport hopped to Noosa for the latest installment of Tour de Force, and we’re pleased to report that the Noosa Regional Gallery did the artists proud. Great job all round and Trish’s sensitive work was even afforded a small gallery of its own– oh, how marvellous it is when curators ‘get it’.


The show was well received by the punters and it was particularly cool to see Neil’s work hanging back in the very gallery that had given it gestation (during an artist-in-residency in 1998)

Megsie was guest speaker for the opening night and gave an additional powerpoint/floor talk the following day. And while the trip was essentially work-and-no-play, she did manage a glass of sauvignon blanc at the marina adjacent to the Gallery during the hour interlude between plane hopping home. Noice.

More snaps here.

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