Animal husbandry…


During a lightening raid on the ‘Berra on Monday the Gang swung around past The Country Show at the ANU  School of Art’s Foyer Gallery . Omigod ya gotta love that Simon Scheuerle – nothing quite like a little agricultural-grade fisting, eh?

This ripper show has become a fixture on the annual program, and we look forward to it with great anticipation. So much fun.



Some of our all-time fave peeps were showing, from Jules Cuerden-Clifford…



…to Jacqueline Bradley…



Highlights here.

Last word on the subject goes to Ampersand Duck…


3 thoughts on “Animal husbandry…

  1. OOOOh Robert M.
    Have you read “The invisible dragon, essays on beauty” by Dave Hickey.
    I couldn’t get a message on the email I found for you.
    Are you going to comment on Craft Australia ?

  2. I’ve been rather pre-occupied with Bega-biz of late, and flying under the radar – what’s happening at Craft Australia?

  3. Ah, defund-ament. (Have just done a quick surf around…) The latest chapter in the dog-eat-dog annals of arts’n craft politics; design zeitgeist-ism has prevailed, the teflon brigade has won the day. Sad but predictable. Forget the sound of one hand clapping – just keep an ear out for the tick of another policy box…
    …not to mention it has the stink of a hostile take-over.


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