Retirement bliss…

The Gang mounted a weekend raid on Victoria last weekend, to scope out Bevie’s well kept secret (retirement bliss in Toora) and celebrate Chips’s big 6-oh.

And omigod, has she hit pay dirt – the cutest cottage…


…in the sweetest village…


…with a serious bakery…


…lively entertainment…



…heavenly views…



…and even a heated public pool. Dreamsville. Laid back, unpretentious, perfeck.



And only a stone’s throw from Chips and boat heaven…



Too good. Only bummer was having to cut a good time short to race back to work on Sunday arvo – Megsie had to open the BVRG for an ANU School of Music recital. But never mind – it was a taste-teaser at the very least, and we’ll be back.

More snaps here.

7 thoughts on “Retirement bliss…

  1. You didn’t comment further on the wind turbines. I love them. Is the shop front going into business? GREAT AREA, visit Fish Creek, and Meeniyan Galleries. I recently moved into Sale and am exploring.

  2. Actually, I deliberately side-stepped the turbines because the last time we showed some (along Lake George) we were heaped with hostile, spiteful comments from the anti-wind turbine brigade. Dreary. But yes, they are fabulous – we love ’em big time. How marvellous they look, backdropping that cute little town. Too good for words.
    Lucky you, being down that way. Check out that Toora cafe/bakery (not sure what it’s called) – unbelievably good. I could move there just for that. Our mate Bevie has opened a little tatt shop in the shop front called Stanley Dard. Opening hours completely at whim – perfeck retirement gig! Between that and a vege patch the size of a footy field, life’s pretty sweet.

    • I guess you know Rob Wynne comes from Yarram, just up the highway . Has far out architecture, 30’s or 40’s I guess.
      I chose Sale as safe, hospital railway etc and I regret. Too mod. and homogenised so I drive around. Maybe rent a tiny shop as weekender.I’ll check the bakery and Stan B if it’s open.

  3. No, didn’t know Rob W was from Yarram – it’s pretty cute too. I kind of like that mad white pub sitting in the middle of nowhere, too. Strains of the Highwayman. Maybe you could trade again before the locale gets overpriced. n(Ed)

  4. That pub is wild, so big too. North there are several, smaller dotted around, including up market foodies.Lots of different arties abound. Love the mountains too.
    I wasn’t real flush, and spent on bigger shed/studio, baby merker eng. lathe and tools and tried for Corning workshop. Will spend on glass soon.

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