Wagga Wagga wow factor…

We love Wagga Wagga as an exhibition space, but we have to admit we’ve possibly never seen it look so good – some work is just custom made for the place. Ruth Allen’s latest makes the joint literally ZING...


Ruth Allen



The cutting edge of contemporary glass comes to Wagga Wagga’s National Art Glass Gallery in Counter-sync, an exhibition of works designed and created by artist Ruth Allen as part of her Synergetic Series. Allen has been developing methodologies unique to her synergetic expression since the year 2000; her relationship with the material glass is the catalyst for the design science of her ideas. This symbolic relationship between maker and material, technique and process has allowed the physical idea to come to fruition. Focused research has nurtured the scientific, theoretical and conceptual contribution to the development of Ruth’s expression.  


Allen says, “I strive to challenge perceptions of the potential of the medium; grounded in traditional hot glass techniques I choose to work sculpturally and often within an installation context”. The Synergetic Series is strongly influenced by the sustainable philosophies and designs of visionary thinker Buckminster Fuller, whose theory of Synergetics was an attempt to create a scientifically based poetics of experience. Fuller studied the inner geometries of the universe to design sustainable structures and cities, which focused on the synergy of the health of the planet, individuals and communities.


Allen’s abstracted works resonate on many levels with the organic forms, cellular structures and postmodern architectural compositions that proliferate in our natural and built environments. Large scale installations of forms combine with lighting effects to bring the phenomena of shadow into play.  


Counter-sync will be launched in the National Art Glass Gallery at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery on Friday, 23 November. The exhibition will be on display until Sunday, 13 November.


A Wagga Wagga Art Gallery Initiative.

Exhibition Dates

Friday 23 September – Sunday 4 December, 2011


More snaps here.

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