Can’t get enough…

…of Alex Asch, who’s just kicking off a new body of work at Jas Hugonnet Gallery

The Gang had dinner on Thursday night with Jas and La Groppa (at Italian & Sons, too good; just like being in Melbs) and so caught up with all the latest g(l)oss.

Haven’t had a chance to deliberate over the ‘woofer’ in the Ranamok yet, though did go through the show like a dose of salts on the Saturday morning. Only had enough time to give Mas a quick congratulatory squeeze – he was about to give a floor talk – before a supersonic exit stage right (people to see/places to be, coast-wise.) Outstanding winning piece, beyond merely deserved (see last post for snap.)

Meanwhile, back to Alex…





Alex Asch 


now showing

jas hugonnet gallery


media release and invitation


In this latest body of work Asch explores masculinty through the male action figure.

These rescued and reconstructed figures have been endowed with new personas and narratives taking them beyond boy hood heroism

and into a flawed and eccentric existence.


To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please contact the gallery via the website. 




Alex Asch

the hatchet man


40 x 21 x 15cm         

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