Masa takes the cake!!

The Gang didn’t make it to Ranamok last night – mainly because we have BVRG business up in Canberra tomorrow and galloping across the Monaro and back twice in as many days was more than we could possibly bear to contemplate (we’ll endeavour to swing by on Saturday morning before we head out of town…)

Meanwhile, we’re so thrilled to hear that Masa won this year’s lolly.

Marvellous. Love his work (love him!!)



Masahiro Asaka, Surge 12

Cast and cold worked glass
32 H x 35 W x 50 D cm

Heat transforms the state of glass from solid to liquid.
The mass of the glass inside the mould collapses under gravity and density increases as melting continues. My process allows the object to inherit both the beauty of the material as well as my desire to control it.

 Photographer: Rob Little

Thanks to La Groppa for the headzup.

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