Let me whisper into your little shell pinks…

Omigod, how adorable are these little booties. The Gang visited the Eden LALC ladies  art and craft workshop at Jigamy Farm (Monaroo Bobberrer Gudu Cultural Heritage Keeping Place) at Eden on Monday and, wow, were we in for a treat.

We couldn’t resist Aunty Beryl’s booties.

The shell craft has long been a tradition for women along the coast – they were making souvenir objects to augment income well before the Depression.  The Keeping Place has a wonderful collection of early work, including Aunty Tiddy’s Sydney Harbour Bridge…

…and even some Micky of Ulladulla…

And then on the way out we ran into Darren, with his fabulous snake stick…


 It’s a serious hive of activity down there.


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