Friday night at the BVRG…

 Tour de Force: in case of emergency break glass has opened at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery and looks positively splendiferous.

Nic and Trish made it down for the opening, which was a serious bonus, and a lovely fall-about was had by all. The show had actually been open for the week leading up to the official launch so a large percentage of the opening-night-regulars had swung by the gallery beforehand. The gallant faithfuls, needless to say, still braved the cold and dark…

…and were rewarded with a fortifying drop of Rocky Hall red and a rousing speech from Klaus…

More snaps of the opening and hang here.

3 thoughts on “Friday night at the BVRG…

  1. Well, actually, Geelong had originally put their hand up for it and just assumed that it was the usual run-of-the-mill glass show which could be accommodated in vitrines. Once the misconception was cleared up there was simply no appropriate gallery space available. Shit happens. n(Ed)

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