Wedding, snap!: tale of two weddings…

Who would have thought – practically in unison!

Graeme and Jenny have emailed a photo of their daughter Janette’s wedding to her Iain at a castle in Scotland…

…just as Sammy Jo sent through snaps (taken by her Burmese crew) of her wedding to her Scottish Iain at Taung Be, the village where The Road to Mandalay docks, at Bagan…

But the similarities end there, we suspect (…especially in the food department!!)

The head monk had invited Iain and Sammy Jo to marry at the monastery, and receive his personal blessing…

It was a very low-key affair;  just the crew, the monks and the local villagers (who also prepared the ‘wedding breakfast.’ )

Very sweet. More snaps here.

They’re keeping their surnames (Murray and Bottari), so we’ve decided to refer to them collectively as The Muzzbots. [Not that they’re overly thrilled at the prospect – heh, heh. n(Ed)]

The mothers of the brides will be slipping into a mutual toasting session just as soon as Jen and Graeme return from their trip.

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