Bega spotto…

All roads lead to Bega. Spotted yesterday, first up, was Klausie – who Megsie had a coffee-meet with (he’s the guest speaker for Tour de Force: in case of emergency break glass, which opens at the BVRG on Friday 20th.)

Lovely to see him back in the pink, and off and running again; he’s celebrating his 75th birthay with an exhibition at the Canberra Glassworks in August/September, which will be held in concert with a master class he’s giving with Kirstie, followed hard on the heels by SOFA Chicago and then by another show early next year at Heller in New York (which will travel afterwards to Israel.) Phew!! So it’s full speed ahead in the workshop stakes.

Meanwhile up at the BVRG Rob and Sandy were in the swing of a photo shoot with The Hill girls…

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