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Louise Upshall  painting

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jas hugonnet gallery

media release and invitation

Louise Upshall explores the representation of women in fashion magazines and the controlled atmosphere under which these images are produced. Her paintings of magazine pages are slashed and cut, producing an acute use of negative space while negating the glamour and fantasy on offer. The works build on the concept of fashion as a creative process where the projected values from glossy pages are mined and altered to present a new body of work.

To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please contact the gallery via the website

Image: Louise Upshall, Miranda no face 2010, 225 x 215 mm, oil on Board, $80

2 thoughts on “Latest from Jas…

  1. Hi Megs
    thanks for mentioning the show, its doing really well and Canberra Times will be running an article on the work hopefully tomorrow
    Hope all is well down the coast

  2. No drama Jas – it’s always a classy offering.
    We mosey on a pace down here, and we’re loving Autumn. Gorgeous.

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