The Easter parade…

30 04 2011

La Groppa and Ginger were down for Easter which was lovely, and of course we ate far too much bunny pie and carrot cake but that goes with the territory, eh.

We got our cultural jollies via a quick dash to mr jones at Bermagui for a sweet l’il  sculpture show (…and gelati).

Megsie raised the spectre of nuked reality with her cast uranium glass piece Post-Fukushima (from the prima faeces series)…


…Deb Jones gave ’em The Finger

…Beatle Collins sold out…

…Chloe was away with the birdies…

…and Helle got crafty with plastic bags…

There was more besides, but our camera didn’t do ’em justice unfortunately. Meanwhile there was a good gathering of the ever faithful, including  all our favourite Matts…

…lots of happy peeps…

…and some very classy entertainment…

Definitely worth the drive.

We didn’t get carried away with paparazzi biz over the weekend (the house guests are notoriously camera shy) – but we will share the most significant and delish moment of the weekend; at precisely 1.30 on Saturday arvo we toasted, in concert with Sammy Jo and Iain, the occasion of their Buddhist wedding ceremony in Bagan…

We’re very pleased to welcome our newest member to the Gang…we forgive that he’s Glaswegian. Up the Celts (we think…!!)

Can’t wait to see the photos…



7 responses

30 04 2011
Nigel Lendon

Wow and wow! Lucky Iain! What were those Beatles made of? Brooooonze?

1 05 2011

Have to confess I’m not exactly sure, Nige. Was a little distracted at the time…but will check forthwith.
Meanwhile, lucky all of us, we reckon. Iain’s a lovely bloke….and he can cook!! Bonus. n(Ed)

1 05 2011

yaay sammy jo! how lovely!
i should have swung by after my coupla nights camping at mystery bay. but thought you were away. doh! see you soon though i hope xxxx

2 05 2011

Promises, promises. I’ve almost given up hope of hearing your dulcet tones, my little stronz. n(Ed)

4 05 2011

Oh wow-congratulations Sammy Jo & Iain! Hope he realises what a rare treat he has in actually having a cool mother-in-law.

4 05 2011

Maybe he’s getting a bit anxious about it already – he and Megsie have already had the odd nightclubbing dawner. Uh-oh. n(Ed)

16 05 2011

Oh great!!!
Wish I could have joined you for the opening night.

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