The Gang in Mandalay…

5 04 2011

Hey all, we’re off to Burma tomorrow, having never got around to posting the snaps of the last visit. So we’re going to put up as many as we have time to edit so that you can browse through them if you fancy. And get a vague idea of what we’ll be up to…

Lots of ceremonies…

…plenty of town band action…

…and more of that elusive commodity, summer…

Only different.

Why on earth, we hear you ask, are you going again? Well we’ve had a rather gruesome start to the year (dreary work biz, ya don’t wanna know) and so we’ve decided to re-boot the year entirely. They hold the New Year celebrations/Water Festival in Burma in April so we are going to start 2011 over again. From scratch. The Astrologer told us last time that the next ten years would be very auspicious, from May onwards (and he was uncannily accurate about the last few months. Spooky.)

So we’re off, to rid ourselves of of all things urk!some, and we’ll be back just in time for the great Festival of the Choc…

More Mandalay snaps here. (Oops! just realised we’ve loaded them up backwards…ah, never mind.)



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