Tour de Tour: Adelaide…

The Gang flew to Adelaide last Friday – Megsie was giving a floor-talk for the Jam episode of Tour de Force: in case of emergency break glass. It turned into a weekend of convergence all round; Deb flew back from Melbourne and Tom flew back from Japan – which was just as well because, let’s face it, a glass-centric visit to Adelaide would have been unthinkable without them. 

Anyhoo, we were most chuffed to see the exhibition had made the front page of the Adelaide Review…

…which was a lovely start to the proceedings. (Adelaide was in the grip of Sevens fever, rugger buggers from you-know-what to breakfast, so it was a miracle that the arts got a look in at all.)


Afterwards we swung by Gate 8 to check out the latest configuration…

… then Tom and Rosie’s new abode, where they’re in the middle of make-over d’Moore…

and then on to lunch at a fabulous Spanish restaurant at Semaphore with Julian and Kez  who were down from Roxby.

The arvo was spent in the backyard over a few bevies with the pooches…

…after which Joe topped off the day with a glorious dinner of Chilli Crab…


…hard to take, what.

Thanks to all concerned for their fine and generous hospitality. We loves ya big time.

Random snaps here.

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