Sculpture on the Edge 2011…

21 03 2011

(2 weeks ago)

We’re going to fast track through the kultural happenings of a fortnight ago. The Gang had decided to sandwich the Sculpture on the Edge and Ivy Hill openings into a convenient overnighter at Paradise, camping with Granny and the mob (Minnie, Harijs, Clairie, Keithie, Marcus, Trish & Artie.)

Blustery weather at Bermi discouraged lingering, turning the Friday evening event into a fast trot. There was the inevitable Ned…

…an astonishing horsey piece…

…3D rendered 2D by Trev and Dinah…

…and much more besides.

We didn’t get down to the flat (where Suzi and Andy’s camel was) or to the small sculpture show in the Hall – too busy doing the quick press of the flesh in the lee of the wind… And then fush’n chups called. We’d arrived too late for gelati (the price of being the passenger, alas) so it was an evening of fleeting regrets all round. 

There followed a lovely night of chat and beverage around the campfire, a Keithie brekky…

…lots of things uniquely Wapengo…

…including a swim followed by a nice long walk and a late’n lazy lunch of Cobargo snags. Noice.

We then managed to stuff up somewhat with the Ivy Hill opening – arriving a good hour and a half before the punters…

Ah well. We did a quick round regardless – sweet show, and on for another week for those in the vicinity.

We arrived back at the hideout much earlier than expected, only to find the Wyndham version of dog day afternoon…

Gotta love ’em.

Other things wot caught our eye here.



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