The Tour’s tour…

14 02 2011

Finally we’ve managed to emerge from the quagmire of the day job to post the launch of the Tour de Force; in case of emergency break glass national tour in Wagga Wagga …was it only two weeks ago?

But, oh, how fabulous it was to fly in from the cold, overcast scenario of Bega to the expansive blue sky and welcoming warmth of Wagga Wagga. Darlings, what a contrast!

The Gang was met at the airport by the lovely Linda Elliot and taken to the National Art Glass Gallery for a squizz at the hang…

…before being dropped off at the Quest Apartments – with plenty of time for a swim in the pool before we needed to gussie up and make our way back to the Gallery…where we found Michael on deck (having just that minute driven in from Victoria)…

It’s quite fantastic to see the show at a different venue, and of course Wagga Wagga is one of our fave glass galleries – albeit an incredibly challenging space, installation wise. Michael Scarrone (who’s been curating there since 1999) has it all well in hand, of course. 

[Michael, btw, is filling several shoes at present – including Acting Art Gallery Manager since Cath Bowdler moved on – hence his regrettable absence from the Ausglass conference the week before.  n(Ed)]

It was a particularly pleasant opening: great local wine from Charles Sturt; tucker courtesy of the Friends of the Gallery; proceedings were kicked off by Wagga City Council’s GM, Phil Pinyon…

…then Megsie did her thang…

…and then Mayor Wayne Geale gave a speech…

…after which it was time to view the show…

…and press the flesh…

Anyhoo, we met lots of lovely peeps…

…and dinner afterwards was seriously pucker. 

The only bummer is our perennial regret that Wagga Wagga is so far away. (If it was closer to the coast we’d live there!!)

Thanks to all involved for their wonderful hospitality.

And thanks particularly to the City of Wagga Wagga Art Gallery for their partnership with artisan in the development of this project. 

Snaps of the opening and hang here.

All the good oil on the artists here.

Photo credits belong to Drew Halyday, also with sincere thanks […the Gang was a tad pre-occupied! n(Ed)]



4 responses

14 02 2011

Looks great Megs and my sincere apologies to Wagga Wagga, the majoral party and especially to Michael for not making it down?/across?/up? as promised…had a bad week that week and many work commitments etc. Thanks to all for the excellent hang and hope to visit soon. Jacqui

14 02 2011

Hey Jac, you (and Trish) were sorely missed. n(Ed)

27 02 2011
Peter Cummings

Yes, Wagga is a long way. Doesn’t any show come to Melbourne ?

27 02 2011

Unfortunately not. It was going to go to Geelong, but the peeps down there assumed that it was a conventional/’normal’ glass show and had planned to just put it in their vitrines. A lot of the work, of course, is wall mounted and by the time anybody realised that, they didn’t have any gallery space available. Bit of a bummer, eh, but thems the breaks. n(Ed)

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