First Stop: Rangoon…

We won’t give a blow by blow – just post a heap of snaps, in vague order,  for you to surf if you fancy. Obviously the biggest drawcard in Rangoon was the Schwezigon Pagoda, which was nothing short of…yes, Nige…truly awesome. Even the streetlights were luscious…

…and some of the sights unbelievably bizarre…

We spent three nights, including Xmas, with Iain (when he wasn’t working) before joining the Road to Mandalay, and had a fabulous time touring Rangoon with the guide (Khin) and driver organised by Sammy Jo.

And it was all surprisingly relaxed, bar the heavy restrictions on any photography of an even vaguely political nature  (army or police, yadda, yadda.) People talked openly and glowingly of the Lady – and the first thing we did was drive by her house (no snaps, obviously.) 

From the outset we were swinging  from the sublime…

…to the wonderfully ridiculous…

…and the undeniably cute…

It was all fantastically exotic and intriguing and the Burmese people are amazingly sweet and gracious. And extraordinarily enterprising.

First batch of snaps here.

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