Artie’s birthday bash 2011…

Yesterday was the Gang’s first outing since we returned flu-blown from Burma – but there was no way we were going to miss Artie’s birthday and, besides, it was the occasion of the first local gallery openings for the year. So we swung by Ivy Hill, most specifically to check out Andy Townsend and Suzie Bleach’s latest work.

Great stuff as ever, and it seemed as if all of Canberra was there (well, the sculpting end of town at any rate.)

We’ll have to go back and check it out properly.

The Camel was a huge hit with the punters – but of course when it all boils down our focus was firmly on Artie…

More snaps here.

For those who want to add culture to their holiday mix, we recommend…


And, of course, the Bega Art Prize 2010 at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery (on until the end of January.)

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