Burma or bust…

Well darlings, we’re off in the morning; bound for Myanmar, on the Exotic-Christmas-ca-ca Tour…

The entire Gang is going, so we’ll be off the air until early-ish January (as in delightfully off the grid; no web, no email, no nuffin’.)

Until then we’ll leave you all with lotsa love and best wishes for the incoming santa-fest.

Shazza’s keeping nit at the Hideout and the wild ones are already partying hard…

[See ya’ll in the New Year. n(Ed) ♥♥♥]

2 thoughts on “Burma or bust…

  1. Party hard and have lots of fun. I hope to get a transcript of your ausglass lecture. I’m not a member for reasons you’ll probably mention, and cheered at your article for “tour de force”.

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