Carmela Bottari celebra Cent’anni…

6 12 2010

The Gang made a lightening raid on Melbourne for Nonna’s 100th birthday bash on Saturday…

Those Sicilians know how to throw a good party – La Strada got back together for the night…

…Carmela and Franco led the first dance…

…the kids had a ball…

…the food was fabulous…

…the cake spectacular…

…all our fave rellies were there…

…and Nonna had a wonderful night…

 surrounded by 4 generations…

More happy snaps here.



4 responses

7 12 2010

La familia bella! You look gorgie and so does Ging! Sammy looks 20 years younger…that country life is working wonders!

7 12 2010

Darling, we’re on the descent now. Mortality is our friend. n(Ed)

8 12 2010

Are you fluffing that pillow up yet?!

8 12 2010

Nah, we’ve got another 17 years to go (unless Pa brings it forward – always possible.) n(Ed)

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