Big weekend…

Darlings!! It’s official – the silly season has begun. This weekend saw the kick-off of the end-of-year-function-fest. Starting with the BVSC’s Service Award evening. It was a fabbo night out at the Kalaru Racetrack. Great dance band, good company.

Perhaps a little too much of a good time (put Megsie on a bus and you’re looking for trouble.)

Anyhoo, we were too busy yakking and dancing to take too many snaps. You know how it is…

The following morning we launched ourselves into serious recovery mode with a spot of dedicated domestic scrubbery (an essential component of the Gang’s mental health program) followed by a hydro-therapeutic 20 laps at the Candelo pool before heading off to Merimbula where Megsie was opening an exhibition at the Twyford Hall.

Three Kinds of Country features the work of Tony Sweeting, Kimberly Dodd and Trish Thompson; three artists who live beyond the perceived Mason-Dixon line of the culturally-literate in the Bega Valley Shire (Rocky Hall, Towamba and Myrtle Mountain respectively.) It warmed the cockles of the Gang’s heart to see that particular myth blown out of the water.

Because what a great show it is.

From the sensuous, nostalgic langour of Kimberly’s lush and romantic still life paintings – borderline kitsch,  which we always love, and sumptuous with it…

To Trish Thompson’s faintly macabre carnivale work, with that wonderful mix of gaiety and foreboding; Midsummer Night’s Dream meets Grimm’s Fairy Tale meets Princess Bride, set in a darkening, encroaching bush…

To Tony Sweeting’s Molecular Landscapes – incontrovertible proof that ‘science meets art’ is the new black.  Like visual renderings of the corpuscular theory of light, his paintings have a kinetic energy that’s almost mesmerising. If the room had been full of boffins they’d all have been snaffled immediately…

As it was, the length and breadth of the hall showed a healthy flush of red dots; proof positive of the crowd’s discerning appreciation.

One thing’s for sure and certain; there’s talent out in them thar hills.

More snaps here.

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