Forever Young: beginning, no end…

…opened at the BVRG last Friday night, and what a sweet exhibition it is.


Here’s some of the official blurb…

Forever Young: beginning, no end is an exhibition that celebrates the longevity of artistic spirit, from the nascent stirrings of youth to the full-blown flush of octogenarian practice.

It features two distinct groups of work from both ends of the life spectrum; selected work from HSC candidates from Bega High and the South Coast Anglican College, all of whom are just embarking on a lifetime of artistic discovery, and the combined work of Jack Featherstone (Braidwood) and Tom Bosman (Pambula), who between them account for some 120 years of continuous creative practice.

Jack Featherstone, a largely self-taught artist described by his curator Nigel Lendon as a Magic Realist, makes work of an endearingly lyrical and narrative nature. His charming, sculptural landscapes are painted on pieces of found bark, recording a journey through country that clearly captures the artist’s own enjoyment and imagination.

In contrast, Tom Bosman (who was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to Australia in 1958) has a practice that reflects the influence of European modernist movements gained in formal training at the Free Academy in Amsterdam. Despite his venerable age, Tom technique retains a freshness of spirit that celebrates the very construct of light and colour, with a precisionist’s eye that – despite the apparent abstraction – imbues his work with a startling clarity.

Forever Young: beginning no end reminds us of the embracing joy of art and the place it holds in the emotional balance of our lives. Art is a visual expression of the emotional intelligence that interconnects us all to our shared culture and community. This is an exhibition that demonstrates that the perennial intergenerational link remains unbroken.

We particularly congratulate the graduating students and hope they are inspired by the example of Jack and Tom’s sustained dedication.

Nigel Lendon, Associate Professor ANU School of Art and Affiliate Fellow ANU Research School of Humanities and the Arts, was guest speaker at the opening. And a thoroughly good time was had by all.

On until the 11th December. More snaps here.

More Jack biz here.

More Tom biz here.

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