Back in the swim…

31 10 2010

Megsie’s first swim for the season…

The pool’s actually been open since the long weekend, but we sensibly waited until the solar heating managed to deal with the volume of water. Today was perfeck.



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2 11 2010

Does anyone else swim there?
or are you lucky enough to get it to yourself all the time?
Looks great!

4 11 2010

No, other people do swim there…sometimes!! It’ll start to people-up as it gets hotter. Meanwhile, early morning lapping starts next Monday – sometimes you get up to six people then.
I like it best when I’ve got it to myself. No kiddies peeing in the water, and the rest, yadda yadda.

12 11 2010

Gawd-my local pool was like a mosh pit yesterday. This empty expanse of water makes me jealous (although I would be bringing one of those wee-ing kids to wreck the serenity!)

13 11 2010

Yeah, but your kiddie would be wee-ing in the kiddie pool, no? n(Ed)

23 11 2010

Nup-we just stick various inflatables on her and take her in the big pool most of the time. Going for a swim isn’t much fun on a 30 something degree day if you don’t get to cool off yourself-and wading in the ankle deep wee-water is not too appealing, y’know?

23 11 2010

Fair enough.
Actually, just had the most traumatic experience – swung by the pool on the way home from work and it was teeming with kiddies. NOWHERE to lap – had to drive home and have a steadying bevie. God. And the last four days have been so perfect and serene. Perhaps I’ll have to go at lunchtime. Jeez. n(Ed)

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