6 thoughts on “Back in the swim…

  1. No, other people do swim there…sometimes!! It’ll start to people-up as it gets hotter. Meanwhile, early morning lapping starts next Monday – sometimes you get up to six people then.
    I like it best when I’ve got it to myself. No kiddies peeing in the water, and the rest, yadda yadda.

  2. Gawd-my local pool was like a mosh pit yesterday. This empty expanse of water makes me jealous (although I would be bringing one of those wee-ing kids to wreck the serenity!)

    • Nup-we just stick various inflatables on her and take her in the big pool most of the time. Going for a swim isn’t much fun on a 30 something degree day if you don’t get to cool off yourself-and wading in the ankle deep wee-water is not too appealing, y’know?

  3. Fair enough.
    Actually, just had the most traumatic experience – swung by the pool on the way home from work and it was teeming with kiddies. NOWHERE to lap – had to drive home and have a steadying bevie. God. And the last four days have been so perfect and serene. Perhaps I’ll have to go at lunchtime. Jeez. n(Ed)

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