Studio rounds…

The Gang did the studio rounds of the ‘Broken Hill Mob’ last week  –  Sue Chancellor, Jen Mallinson, Lorna Crane and Poppy Benton – for an early taster of work-in-progress for their exhibition at the BVRG next year (March). Have to fess up that we’re shameful voyeurs when it comes to poking around artist’s studios – it’s the best part of the curatorial gig.

Lorna’s currently in the throes of final preparation for her Berlin show (which is going to be a cracker) at the Belconnen Art Centre…

Cool studio. And then we were off to Jen’s…

…where Poppy also set up temporarily (her studio being the only one not in the near vicinity)…

…and last stop was Sue’s…

What a happening place Pambula is! Sweet little village, great bakery, serious arts community. Noice work if you can get it.

It’s shaping up to be a terrific show – mark it in your dance card.

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