Friday in the ‘Berra…

10 10 2010

The Gang pulled a day raid on the ‘Berra yesterday for a quick hit of wall-to-wall culture (SoA & NGA) and the windup drinkies for Something In The Air at CMAG.

We made a bee-line to the School of Art to catch up with Nige…

…and select work from his Jack Featherstone exhibition at the SoA Foyer Gallery (Jack’s featured in the upcoming show at the BVRG…)

Fantastic stuff, but we shan’t spoil the surprise for our Far South Coast art buffs…you’ll have to make do with snaps of the main feature on show at the SoA Gallery instead…

What a bag of allsorts it is; from Marie Hagerty…

…to Viv Binns…

…to Geoff Newton…

Being mid-semester break, the SoA was very quiet – but there were still plenty of our fave peeps around…

Lovely…and we caught up with Ging in the Gold&Silver Workshop.

Anyhoo, we jumped the lake to grab lunch at the National Portrait Gallery and then did the rounds of the NGA (hadn’t really taken in the art properly at the opening the week before..!) Great to see Janet Fieldhouse’s work showcased in the new collection, very cool.

We had another look at the James Turrell in daylight and have to say it didn’t do too much for us. Seeing it in the loaming, when it is so fabulous, kinda spoils you. In full light it just looks like something dinky from the zoo (or some naff theme park or an old public swimming pool…) – the painted concrete doesn’t help (and that jutting entrance is  downright awful.) And yes, yes, we know it’ll present better when the grass grows over. Nonetheless, do yourselves a favour, go at dusk. After a gallop around the Sculpture Garden we dropped by GAD to see Jas (who was in the middle of a meeting, so we just waved at him as we wandered through…)

And then we were off to CMAG…

…for refreshments and chat before belting back home. (Pa was driving.)

Random mug shots here.



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