Blanche biz…

The morning after the NGA opening Minnie and the Gang swung by the Glassworks to catch Blanchie and her show…

…and what a bottler it is. Pure Tilden, with her signature designer edge. 

And what a bonus it was to meet brand guru Ty Bukewitsch – who’s largely behind the hot edgy graphics that mark her cracker installation and promotional style. Class will out, eh.

Meanwhile we had a lovely time trying on the goodies…

…before wandering through the Glassworks, catching up with all the lovelies…

…on the way to Klaus-meister’s studio…













Fer et Verre is on until November the 18th. Not one to be missed.

It was wonderful to finally connect with Blanche  – the Gang’s recent forays to Melbs have been fast and furious (and totally Granny-bent) so consequently we’ve not yet made the pilgrimage to her new studio. Next time, for sure. Meanwhile we’ll just savour our brief  ‘Berra fix…

2 thoughts on “Blanche biz…

  1. Great to catch up in Canberra Megs – a bit scary to see how fucked Marcus and I look in those photos – we couldn’t have tried any harder! Hope the next time we catch up involves lots of relaxing!
    xxx BT

  2. Hey darl
    you were both at the end of a very long haul – it’s a miracle you were still on your feet! Time to chill out for a bit and bask in all the glory, my friend. You deserve a well earned break.
    Congrats again on the show – it’s bewdiful. n(Ed)

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