Boom Crash Canberra Glassworks soap-Opera continues…

And another one hits the dust…panel of the glass smoke-stack, that is.

Yet another panel has exploded, but everyone’s keeping very stumm about it by all accounts. WorkCover/WorkSafe ACT has been called in and the engineering, etcetera’s being investigated…

Insider info has it that this is solely ArtsACT’s head-ache – ie not the responsibility of the Glassworks…


4 thoughts on “Boom Crash Canberra Glassworks soap-Opera continues…

  1. Hi once again. Hate to say i told you so, maybe you may get to read the original non XXXXXX copies of my last few Blogs.
    Firstly I stand by what I say, and i take full responsibility for my statements and am only using Glass Central as a platform to pass my information on to you all.
    Apart from the whole Tender process being a SHAME, and that ICAC should be called into this issue, the end result is just a waste of all our Tax monies.
    It is a joke to call this Tower an OBJECT, its name used up in Sydney is the TOWER OF SHAME. Let us see who gets to say sorry for this one.
    Warren Langley should pay for the removal of the structure and return all the money.
    The Structure can never be made safe, it has so many basic design issues.
    The failed glass was processed at Axolotl glass that bought the knowhow from the failed OZONE GLASS where XXXXXX XXXXXXX was a past director.
    Then the glass was bent and toughened by another Sydney based company, so far can anyone see any art ???????
    Any repair of the TOWER OF SHAME would just be a quick fix.
    One thing that needs to be made very clear is that XXX XXXXX and XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX should be made very accountable for this mess just as much as XXXXXX XXXXXXX.
    I would be very happy to be part of the inspection group and I will explain why the Tower will continue to fail and why it should be pulled down.
    Sergio Redegalli
    Cydonia Glass

  2. Hey Jas,

    yeah, but you’re a bone fide designer, darl.

    Hey Sergio,

    sorry about Xing out the names, but none of us need a law-suit. Besides, glasscentralcanberra is strictly a XXXXXXXX-free zone. n(Ed)

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