The Footy Show: the opening…

Who said sport and art don’t mix – apart from all the artists who professed to be horrified when told about the show!? (Oh, but I don’t like sport, they simpered…)

We had to tell ’em to man up and take one for the team – and the consequence is a very cool show that’s accessible and wonderfully inclusive. It’s got everything from a giant footy sock…

…to a jock-strap on steroids (Megsie did an Andy/Jeff/Damien and signed up Anna Senior as her gaffer)…

…to Erik’s fab Erect Poufs series…

We love it.

The highlight of the launch was the entrance, en masse, of the Bega Roosters…

…who came straight from training and proceeded to sing their team song as a segue into the speeches.

VIP speaker for the evening was the Honourable (former second rower) Dr Mike Kelly AM MP who was made welcome by (former hooker) Mayor Tony Allen. Jen Greenwood made a mountain of her famous footy pies and Megsie whacked together a tray or three of genteel franks and, voilà, the atmospherics were suitably complete.

What a hoot. Many thanks to the Roosters for venturing into the arty-farty zone, and to all who contributed to such an entertaining night.

Snaps of the scrum here.

[PS. We wish Mike Kelly all the best in the poll next weekend – though we confess we’ll feel somewhat  conflicted when/if he regains his seat. He’s too good a bloke (ethically) to be in politics, we suspect.  The Parliamentary Pit must be a truly excruciating experience for him. Nonetheless you’ve got our vote, Mike, for what it’s worth. n(Ed)]

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