Dirk Rampling at The Crossing Gallery…

On Saturday the Gang moseyed over Myrtle Mountain to attend the long awaited reopening of the Crossing Gallery in Candelo (they’ve been enjoying some well-earned time-out, as you do), featuring a solo exhibition from South Pambula sign-writer turned artist Dirk Rampling.

It was a bit of a time warp, catching up with the old mob from at least 2 decades ago, including Val (who was doing the catering, so it was like we’d swapped places!) and Renee (who must have been 8 when we last saw her), and Clive and Tootie and Pete and Liz and…omigawd, the list goes on. Nice, though.

Anyhoo, lots of happy chappies (Candelo always has a good vibe) and a healthy show of red dots.

Snaps of the peeps here (though as usual we were talking so much we kept forgetting to take photos…)

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