Ranamok 2010…

As promised, here’s the good oil on A&NZ glass-night-of-nights, aka the Ranamok.

The Gang did an express fly-by, up and back in one swift hit, which was quite enough really. It was fabulous to catch up with so many peeps in one go, and to cop an eyeful of what chappies are up to these days…but it was overwhelmingly déja vu (as in, you know, total groundhog day.)

Mind you, it’s always a reliably entertaining night –  for every good piece there’s any number of shockers to provide plenty of comic relief. Suffice to say there was quite a field for the Woofer this year, but in the end it was narrowed down to a Victorian (no name no pack drill – and no, it’s not the one that looked like a menstrual clot in a jar, though that did come close.) We had the loveliest time doing the rounds with Mikey (but we both missed you Jas, where was ya?)

As for the winning piece, it was really rather sweet and was probably a fair choice all things considered.

Other stuff we liked was Liz Kelly’s work…

and Matt Curtis’s…

and even Michelle Donde’s piece…

We will, as usual, leave no hints apropos what we weren’t keen on – you’ll have to figure that out for yourselves. (You can check out the finalists online.)

The best aspect of the night is always the catch-up, of course. But our all-time highlight this year was Juan Davila (nothing to do with glass!!)…

and Geoffrey Edwards…

…what a great bloke.

For a peek at the thrills and spills, go here.

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