Ranamok 2010: and the winner is…

Noo Zellander Sue Hawker’s, Too much is never enough, pâte de verre
50 H x 25 W x 25 D cm

Very sweet, though a tad mawkish in the explanatory notes (see Ranamok website.)

In her build-up speech to the winning announcement, Maureen rabbited on about larrikinism (she seemingly felt the need to explain the condition…hello) but it was all rather peculiar because there’s nothing even faintly larrikin about the piece. Fresh and cute as a daisy, and deceptively naive? You betcha. But hardly ‘larrikin’, wethinks.

Anyhoo, the Gang belted up to the ‘Berra for the galah evening (we’re in the middle of a hang at the BVRG) and have only just arrived back at the Hideout (it’s now 2am, yoiks!)

We’ll bring you all the sights and blights tomorrow evening…promise.

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