Jane’s Hawaii Five Oh!…

Darlings! The Gang galloped across the Monaro on Saturday arvo for balmy-beach-biz at Chez Barb&Jane (for Jane’s big 50th bash.)

Notwithstanding that it was at least 5 degrees colder than we’re accustomed to, it was wall to wall moo-moo-orama…

…in downtown Ainslie and we were rather ashamed that we hadn’t thrown ourselves into the beach partay theme. (We had to resort to assuring all and sundry that we were, at the very least,  sporting budgie-smugglers. )

Anyhoo, it was a lovely fall-about with lots of our favourite ‘Berra(plus) peeps…


and a happy time was had by all, even the dawgies…

Party parade here.

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