Gelati break…

17 07 2010

The Gang was in Bermagui yesterday for the final stage of the FSCLAP’sholarship process; interviewing the short-listed finalists.

(above) Karen, Andy, Helen and the pups succumb to the siren song of the Gelati Clinic.

Anyhoo, it was a very interesting day.

The winner will be announced at a special lunchtime event (12 noon) at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery on Friday 23rd of July.

Shane’s portrait of Megsie…

14 07 2010

A few months ago lovely Steve Fox from Mogo Raw Art brought Shane (Gruber) for a visit to the Bega Valley Regional Gallery, where we discussed the possibility of his inclusion in The Footy Show, a team exhibition opening on August 13. We’re very excited to report that Shane’s sending in four drawings for the show, and he’s also penned this ripper likeness of Megsie…


More GAD biz…

14 07 2010


Invitation to celebrate the final showing of highlights from Abundant Australia.

6-8pm Thursday 22 July 2010

Abundant Australia originally featured at the 11th International Architecture Biennale, Venice 2008. Since viewing in Venice, the highlights exhibition has featured in Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Gallery of Australian Design
44 Parkes Place PARKES ACT 2600
Southern Foreshore Lake Burley Griffin

RSVP by 15 July is essential

Abundant Highlights exhibition on now until Saturday 24 July

Gallery hours
Wednesday to Saturday 10-4 pm

Australian presentation selected and supported by Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design.
Abundant Highlights is a major project of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Event Sponsor Lion Nathan and James Boag

Image: Frank Minnaërt Ontario Apartments, Chicago; Design team: Frank Minnaërt;
Photo: Sally Cohen. Model: University of Technology, Sydney

Lorna Crane in Paddo…

14 07 2010

Coastal connect…

It’s official!!

14 07 2010

Just in from Blanchie…

Hey Megsie

Just saw this on Arts Hub


Xxx Blanche


Artisan – idea: skill: product

Tour de force: In case of emergency break glass

This exhibition features nationally and internationally respected Australian glass artists Timothy Horn, Deb Jones, Jacqueline Gropp, Nicholas Folland, Neil Roberts, Tom Moore, Ian Mowbray and Patricia Roan. The curatorial rationale of Tour de force focuses on creating an experience designed to inspire thought and fuel discussion about glass as a cultural medium. It challenges the traditional ideas, methods and materials of glass making and tackles broader issues of the human condition with the aim of inciting greater community thought and debate.   

The exhibition will tour to nine venues throughout New South Wales, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.

Touring Funding: $84,040

Here’s a girl who gets around…

12 07 2010

As a nice little lead in to the opening of The New Black: take 2, Constantina Bush was splashed across screen and broadsheet last week from Melbourne to San Franscisco (SBS News,  The Age, The San Francisco Chronicle…and The Bega District News, The Merimbula Weekly and the Eden Magnet!)

Constantina managed to squeeze the Bega Valley Regional Gallery into her incredibly busy NAIDOC week schedule, flying in late Friday afternoon just in time to open the gallery’s annual Contempory Indigenous Art exhibition; featuring the work of Michael Brogan, Garry Jones, Kamahi Djordan King, and local artists Lois Haywood and Graham Farram.

And what a very cool opening it proved to be…

Random snaps here.

On the following day she morphed back into Kamahi Djordan King to join Garry Jones in a mentoring session with local indigenous artists (part two of The New Black mentoring workshop, encouraging artists to consider their practice in terms of contemporary social context.)

Anyhoo Constantina spent a couple of nights in the clink at Wyndham, where she did a couch interview with Radio National before flying back out to Melbourne for her next gig with the Bushettes. She’s certainly one sheila in serious demand.

Check out Constantina Bush/Kamahi Djordan King videos here.

Book biz at GAD…

12 07 2010

Just in from Jas…


Glasses design concept based on a symmetrical, geometrical configuration with interesting form and bridge details. Designer: Chu Ming Chen Stephanie

Book launch

Product Design: A course in first principles by Elivio Bonollo

11.30 am Wednesday 21 July 2010

Join the Vice Chancellor of the University of Canberra, Stephen Parker as he launches this book by one of Australia’s leading industrial design educators, Elivio Bonollo

Bonollo has been instrumental in establishing industrial design in Australia and overseas through his teaching posts at the University of Canberra, Monash University, RMIT, National University of Singapore and Ubon Rajathanee University, Thailand.

Product Design: A course in first principles highlights the connection between design and quality of life and the important role it will play in the future of mankind.

The book is a new approach to teaching and learning product design from an industrial design perspective. It is essentially a step-by-step design learning program that has been developed for students of varying educational levels.

The beauty of Bonollo’s approach is that it brings structured learning to aspiring designers whilst being mindful of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Each part of this book encourages self-expression, self-confidence and exploration: it is has been carefully designed to take you on a highly motivating journey of design thinking and creativity, supported by excellent sample solutions to design problems, lucid discussions and extensive references.

To RSVP please contact:

Jas Hugonnet   Manager Gallery of Australian Design   (02) 6273 1313   0417 235 916

44 Parkes Place PARKES ACT 2600   Southern Foreshore, Lake Burley Griffin
Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday 10 – 4 pm

The book will be on sale at the launch and be available after the launch at the Co Op book shop, University of Canberra plus the Gallery of Australian Design.

Bonollo, Elivio, 2010, Product Design: A course in first principles.
ISBN 978-0-9806114-0-3, LBPUBLICATIONS (