Here’s a girl who gets around…

As a nice little lead in to the opening of The New Black: take 2, Constantina Bush was splashed across screen and broadsheet last week from Melbourne to San Franscisco (SBS News,  The Age, The San Francisco Chronicle…and The Bega District News, The Merimbula Weekly and the Eden Magnet!)

Constantina managed to squeeze the Bega Valley Regional Gallery into her incredibly busy NAIDOC week schedule, flying in late Friday afternoon just in time to open the gallery’s annual Contempory Indigenous Art exhibition; featuring the work of Michael Brogan, Garry Jones, Kamahi Djordan King, and local artists Lois Haywood and Graham Farram.

And what a very cool opening it proved to be…

Random snaps here.

On the following day she morphed back into Kamahi Djordan King to join Garry Jones in a mentoring session with local indigenous artists (part two of The New Black mentoring workshop, encouraging artists to consider their practice in terms of contemporary social context.)

Anyhoo Constantina spent a couple of nights in the clink at Wyndham, where she did a couch interview with Radio National before flying back out to Melbourne for her next gig with the Bushettes. She’s certainly one sheila in serious demand.

Check out Constantina Bush/Kamahi Djordan King videos here.

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